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The Caesarean Birth Network
Carolyn Holt

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About Me

Hi, I'm Carolyn. Ex-swimming teacher, ex-midwife, turned Caesarean Birth Specialist after working as a doula for a few years and noticing the lack of education and support around caesarean birth. 

Harry Potter nerd, knitter, crafter, animal lover, big fan of eating (but not so much the cooking part), amateur nature enthusiast, novice witch/hippy (whichever term you prefer). Seeker of truths and facts, destroyer of hearsay and caesarean birth fear!

Why You Should Join Me

Being part of this network will give you so much support and information around caesarean birth. Whether you are pregnant, a new parent or a birth worker, this space will help us change the narrative around caesarean birth.

No longer will it be something that happens to you while you lie back and stare at the bright lights of an operating theatre, but something that you will take charge of. You can own your birth. It is your experience to be had so why not make it a positive one!

A Big Thanks

By sharing information, experiences and support, we can start to remove the fear from caesarean birth and allow more people to start their journey in to parenthood with a positive and empowering beginning. Thank you for being part of that.

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